Reliable Consultancy

Not everyone is a an expert or have up to average knowledge on document requirements and procedures. At times even when one clearly knows what they want to achieve, for example traveling to the United States for a specific purpose such as tourism, school, business, etc, they hardly now which documents are required, where to get them, how to get them and it what specific order. It is hard to know which documents are compulsory and which are optional. Contact us and describe your situation and we shall ensure that the most competent expert in our company explains all your options and prescribe the best course of action.

VISA Assistance

In our mode of operation, VISA assistance goes far beyond consultancy. We virtually hold your hands and spoon-feed you every step along the way if you are a novice. If you come with some experience on the table, that makes our job easier but the most important point is that you succeed. It is true no one can guarantee you a visa. It is very easy to spot a rogue consular officer dishing our favors; so, most of them simply don’t take such risks. However, one factor that determines your success is how effectively you present your documents and arguments during interviews. Our experience gathered from more than 1,000 successes is a plus for you in your endeavors.