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Our Fake (unregistered) Documents Are Useable

Unlike some people might think, a fake document is far from being low quality or useless. The term fake applies to registration only. A fake document is one that is NOT registered. A fake passport for example has all the visual and security features as a real passport, and also printed on high quality material …

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Yes, We Offer Real (registered) Documents

When we advertise a document as real, that’s just what it is -real. If you pay for a real document, we give you a document NOT different from what is normally issued by an official or authorised authority. Our mode of operation is simple. We print all real documents ourselves with at least 99.98% accuracy, …

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Difference Between Real and Fake Documents

We Offer Both Real (registered) and Fake (unregistered) Documents We produce both real and fake documents. You just need to be sure which one you need. Both real and fake documents are produced using cutting edge technologies, the same high profile softwares and equipments used by governments and other authorized contractors they hire for their …