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Prices vary with the specific document you want, document type (real or fake), urgency, delivery speed, etc. Proceed to the quote page and request a quote so that we inform you how much you need to pay.

James M.
James M.Freelancer

I had issues passing KYC without which I could have lost a great source of income. Waiting for weeks for some vital documents wasn't an option. Thank God DDI was there to help. I couldn't believe their 3-day ETD until when I received the full package. DHL Fees were a bit above what I expected but nothing good comes cheap, I guess. Will order again anytime I need express documents, be it real or fake.

Juan R.
Juan R.Dropshipper

I was very skeptical at first and asked lots of questions like "how can a real document be issued by a non-state institution?" and "how can you be in the business of both real and fake documents at the same time?" I guess it's because I didn't understand the difference between the two. When I received the fake passport I could not even tell the difference between it and a friend's real passport. The fake passport worked for me.

Kenneth W.
Kenneth W.Network marketer

When a friend referred me to DDI to get a fake document and submit somewhere to gain access to some services, I was at first skeptical about the legal implications if I was caught doing that. She explained that as long as I was submitting where computer verification was not necessary, all will be great. That turned out to be true. I beat my own thoughts of a fake document being useless was beaten when I received the order.

You Really Should Know

Buy French Passport Online

Our Fake (unregistered) Documents Are Useable

Unlike some people might think, a fake document is far from being low quality or useless. The term fake applies to registration only. A fake document is one that is NOT registered. A fake passport for example has all the visual and security features as a real passport, and also printed on high quality material …

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Buy German Passport Online

Yes, We Offer Real (registered) Documents

When we advertise a document as real, that’s just what it is -real. If you pay for a real document, we give you a document NOT different from what is normally issued by an official or authorised authority. Our mode of operation is simple. We print all real documents ourselves with at least 99.98% accuracy, …

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Buy Malaysian Passport Online

Difference Between Real and Fake Documents

We Offer Both Real (registered) and Fake (unregistered) Documents We produce both real and fake documents. You just need to be sure which one you need. Both real and fake documents are produced using cutting edge technologies, the same high profile softwares and equipments used by governments and other authorized contractors they hire for their …

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